To Our Patients

Today marks the beginning of a new chapter  in the history of  The Brickner-Mantell Center for Women’s Health.  

As many of our patients already know, The Brickner-Mantell Center for Women’s Health has become part of the family of practices affiliated with The Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital Hospital Hamilton and we will now be known as RWJ Women’s Health.  However, while our name is changing, one thing that is not is our commitment to you, our patients. Drs. Brickner and Mantell will still be practicing in the same location but will now have increased availability to better serve you. There will be other changes, large and small, but for most patients these will either be unnoticed or very positive in nature.

Unfortunatelately, one change we must make immediately  is to convert to a new Electronioc Medical Record System. This will result in the loss of the Patient Portal we are now using.  Many of you have complimented us on the present  Portal and, rest assured, it will soon be replaced by  one with the same functional capacities.  We are endeavoring to sign up all patients to this new site as quickly as possible. Please go to and click “patient”. 

We appreciate your understanding during this short time of transition. We are confident it will be accomplished with a minimal of disruption to our patients. Looking further out, we are excited about many of the other changes that will be happening over the coming weeks and months. Women’s health care is now front and center and RWJ Women’s Health will be there to make sure the women of this region receive the highest quality care and services possible. This is what Brickner-Mantell has always been about and the one thing that will never change.

Again, to sign up for our new Portal go to and click “patient”.