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Screening Guidelines

Keeping up with your annual screenings is an essential part of maintaining good health. Below is a guide of screenings by age that women should follow

Age 18-35 
Annual blood pressure screening to identify high blood pressure
* Baseline cholesterol panel to identify risks for heart disease
* Pap smear and pelvic exam every 1 to 3 yea​rs to screen for cervical and other gynecologic cancers, or precancerous conditions
* Thyroid test at age 35 and every five years thereafter
* Vaccinations: Tetanus-Diptheria (Td ) booster every 10 years; pertussis booster (Tdap) once in adulthood to prevent whooping cough. Gardasil vaccination for women up to age 26 for prevention of HPV/cervical cancer
* Baseline hearing and vision exams
* Baseline mole and overall skin exam every 3 years
* Regular appointments with your doctor to discuss health challenges such as body mass index, diet, exercise, smoking and alcohol use

Age 36-34 (In addition to the above)
* Annual breast exam by a doctor for detection of breast tumors
* Mammography every 1 to 2 years between the ages of 40 and 50, then annually thereafter for detection of breast tumors. 
* Baseline electrocardiogram to screen for signs of heart disease. 
* Annual stool testing for early detection of colorectal tumors. 
* Colonoscopy beginning at age 50 (earlier with risk factors); every 5 to 10 years thereafter
* Blood count, blood chemistry panel and urinalysis for detection of blood, liver and kidney disease
* Flu vaccine annually; Zostavax for reducing risk and severity of shingles (over age 60)
* A bone-density test if peri- or post-menopause. 

Age 65+ (In addition to the above)
* A bone density test at age 65
* Pneumovax vaccine once after age 65 to prevent pneumococcal pneumonia. Tetatnus vaccine is recommended very 10 years with the Tetanus-Diptheria vaccine instead of the Tetanus-Diptheria-Pertussis vaccine (over age 65) 

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